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Two Way SMS Short Codes

What is Two Way SMS Short Codes?

SMS short codes provide a convenient way for a mobile user to text into a campaign using a memorable 5 digit number. The mobile recipient can be charged at a standard or premium rate for either receiving or sending a message. This tends to be used in return for content or a service - typically competitions, tv and radio advertising, promotions, direct mail and news. The short code is designed to be shorter and more memorable than a standard number. In addition, they reply back to the customer with your message or content in an instant.

Why use Two Way SMS Short Codes?

Shortcode SMS is the perfect mechanism to interact and communicate with your customers. Below are some of the key benefits of using short codes:

  • Enquires come from interested customers
  • Short codes are easy to remeber compared to long phone numbers
  • Immediate call to action - the consumer can respond back straight away before the moment has passed
  • 75% of mobile phone users use SMS text messaging as a form of communication
  • Ability to capture valuable customer data
  • Upsell products and services via promotions
  • Engage customers to the point of purchase
  • Increase brand awareness

What is the difference between a shared & dedicated short code?

Shared means you have the ability to rent a 'keyword' against a number, for example 'text info SMS to 60060'. The keyword that is related to this 5 digit number is unique to you. Dedicated short code means you lease your own network number and have ulimited 'keywords'. If you would like to know about shared and dedicated short code numbers contact us.

Short cdoes are convenient, lost cost to deploy and simple to use. For a full list of currnetly available dedicated numbers or for further information on short code SMS campaigns please contact us

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